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Risk Analytics Group is a multidisciplinary consulting and advisory firm. We have a vast network of professionals with broad areas of expertise ranging from probabilistic risk management and seismic structural engineering to financial audit and operational control. We can address the issues your business is facing and provide the services you requirel.


Our Team is comprised of Certified Public Accountants and Internal Auditors, Seismic Structural Engineers, Professional Civil Engineers, Project Managers, Disaster Risk Management Specialists, and other professionals with advanced degrees in various disciplines.


All members of our professional team are licensed, certified and have advanced degrees in their respective fields



Risk Analytics Group helps companies, governments and other stakeholders to better manage and optimize their core operational risks by providing services in the areas of Earthquake Engineering and Risk Management, Project Management, Financial and Operational Audit, Cost Engineering, Monitoring and Evaluation, Inspection and Quality Control.

We help our clients manage their risk due to natural perils like earthquakes and hurricanes by providing services in seismic and wind structural engineering (specializing in retrofit design), construction management and insurance.

No matter how complex your issues are, we have the capabilities and experience to deliver the answers that will move your business forward.  Our flexible business structure allows us to customize our offerings around the client’s needs and provide exceptional value with an unparalleled service.

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